次にアメリカ人スプリンター、トラヴィス・マケイブがIsrael Cycling Academyへ移籍することが確定した。今年はアメリカのコンチネンタルチームFloyd’s Pro Racingで走っていたが、今年いっぱいで同チームは解散が決定している。トラヴィスは30歳という遅めの年齢でのワールドツアーデビューとなる。


Part 2: Then I got a phone call. My name is Paul. I’m from Elevate/KHS. I’ve seen you. I believe in you. I followed Paul to a race called the Tour of Utah. “You’re going to win this race one day” he said. I told him that I wanted to go to the WorldTour. “Okay then, this is what you have to do” he said. We sat down and outlined how it was going to happen. Piece by piece, step by step, I would learn how to become a rider ready for the WorldTour. Some pieces were easy, most were uncomfortable. I’d learn to do leadouts, watch race film, be appreciative, manage different personalities on the team, study courses, lead by example, talk to and be gracious to our partners, help the staff whenever I could, use the radios, race to win. I put my head down again and got to work. It felt like I was starting over again, with one major difference. I wasn’t an underdog anymore. I had everything I needed. I had a team structure, the right equipment, a director who believed. That’s when I realized that I was never an underdog. I was born into a loving family in a great country. After their initial surprise, I won the support of my parents rather quickly when they saw how hard I was willing to work. I had also gotten lucky countless times, serendipitously meeting people willing to help me chase my dream. People who fed me, let me sleep on their couch, got me to where I needed to be, helped pave the way. Teammates who sacrificed 100% to give me a shot. Partners who hustled to give me the structure I needed to have a chance. Whether or not I knew it at the time, each one of these people gave me a little push along the path that I needed to be on. With every passing race I thought of them, the people who invested in me with nothing to gain. It gave me strength. I found my why. Now, every time the going gets tough, I think of all of you. The people who helped to get me here. Cycling has never been easier. As I will never be able to thank you all enough for what you all have done for me, I’ll leave you with two promises:

James Piccoli(@jamespiccoli)がシェアした投稿 –

同時に、28歳のカナダ人選手ジェームス・ピコリ(James Piccoli)もIsrael Cycling Academyへ移籍が決まった。









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