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情報源:UCI updates rules for the use of gravel roads in pro road races

その新ルールは、ルールブックの section 2.2.015に書かれていて、次のように記述されている。

2.2.015 In general, the course of a road race is defined by the paved road available to road traffic. Riders cannot leave the prescribed course, as per article 1.2.064.

The organiser will physically mark the course (with barriers, tape, etc.) when it is very likely for riders to deviate from it, intentionally or not, for instance when the course is lined by a sidewalk/pavement, a path or a cycle path separated by edges, a verge or a difference in road level that can be easily crossed.

The organiser shall, by way of signs, give sufficient prior notice of any obstacle that he can reasonably be expected to know or anticipate and that presents an abnormal security risk for riders and attendants.

Hence, the organiser shall in particular take care to ensure the lighting of tunnels so that it is possible, at all points in the tunnel and at its entrance, to make out a car number plate at 10 metres and a dark-coloured car at 50 metres with the naked eye.

The use of unpaved roads If an organiser wishes to include unpaved roads in an event, the UCI must be informed at the time of registering the event on the calendar. Furthermore, the organiser shall make every effort to ensure the safety of the riders, spectators and race followers and that the event runs smoothly in sporting terms and with regards to the equitable treatment of participants. In particular, the organiser shall: – provide the teams with a detailed description of the relevant sections (length, type of surface, degree of difficulty of each section, road width, etc.), if necessary providing photos or videos; – ensure that the course can be traversed at all times (weather conditions, etc.) by a road bicycle as defined by Chapter III of Part I of the UCI Regulations; – ensure the safety of the course (maintenance, sweeping and stabilising the surface, protective measures, signage, etc.); – ensure that the following vehicles are suitable for the course and that the drivers have the necessary skills. The UCI may refuse to register an event on the calendar and/or refuse the inclusion of an unpaved section.


  • もしコースにグラベルを取り入れるならば、主催者側はUCIに対してその情報を提供せよ
  • コースの安全性を保障・確保しろ
  • グラベルのコースの詳細を各チームにも伝えろ
  • 公式関係車両などはグラベルのコースに適したものへ変更しろ
  • 公式関係車両の運転手などは、グラベルのコースを走れる技能を有するものにしろ




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